Tim Rohling

Tim is a strategic leader with proven results throughout his career. Roles Tim has excelled in include Field Sales, Sales Management, Ownership and Executive Leadership. People who have worked with Tim have described him as a compassionate, energetic, results-driven thought leader. Helping businesses achieve sales management through H.U.M.A.N. Leadership is his calling — it’s not a “job.”

Tim Rohling

I believe sustained growth and remarkable results are only achieved when we pull together and work as a team. Problems can’t be solved from the outside looking in. We must root ourselves into the team to fully uncover the insights that allow us to bring solutions to the table. While focus on metrics, numbers and ROI are critical, we combine business science with what can truly drive profit and success people and a positive, caring culture.


  • Business Development Leadership
  • Sales Management Coaching
  • Strategic and Operational leadership
  • Organizational Development

Industries Covered

  • Manufacturing
  • Services

Managing metrics and the science of business are critical. Yet, experience has taught me that service and compassion for others is what truly drives sustained results. Tim Rohling

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Tim is a core collaborator with Thrive Village and the founder of Rohling, Sales Management Coaching – Driving Results through H.U.M.A.N. Leadership

Helping at every stage of your organization's lifecycle...

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