Paula Asmus

I am passionate about exploring, learning and connecting ideas. I am always excited try new experiences, like enjoying the beauty of a new country and learning about different cultures. I love the unique perspectives I get from my explorations, seeing things I never saw before. I work with teams to uncover new ways of thinking for new growth opportunities.

Paula Asmus

Paula is a multifaceted consultant and facilitator, using her natural curiosity to ask questions and unpack information to find the hidden insights: the stuff between the lines that you don’t always see.  Paula delights in helping teams discover insights to cultivate new strategies, new products and services, and deeper understanding of colleagues.

Paula brings comprehensive experience with over 30 years in the field of consumer insights, strategy development, marketing strategy, and new product development, drawing on a robust career with Procter and Gamble. She is the founder of Asmus Consulting, LLC, and collaborates with multiple consultants through Thrive Village and other organizations.


  • Voice of the Customer
  • Strategy Development
  • Ideation Facilitation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Organizational Design

Industries Covered

  • Health and Personal Care
  • B2B
  • FMPG (Fast Moving Packaged Goods)
  • Food Service
  • Publishing

My favorite business quotes:

“Knowledge is power” – Sir Francis Bacon

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” – Michael Porter

“People may listen to what you say, but they watch what you do.” – A.F. Lafeley

Paula is a core collaborator with Thrive Village and the Founder and Owner of Asmus Consulting, LLC

Helping at every stage of your organization's lifecycle...

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