Thrive Village

Office Location

Main Office

4636 Cooper Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242


What industries do you serve?

Thanks to the depth and breadth of experience of our collaborators, we can cover nearly all industries in the for-profit and non-profit sector; in B2B or B2C.  In many cases, our tools and methodologies are driven by the nature of humans working together in groups to attain a specific purpose, and this transcends industry boundaries.

What is your geographic reach?

We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio and most of our core collaborators are located here as well.  We travel frequently to do our work and have connections world-wide, so give us a shout, we are likely to be able to help.

Are your collaborators employees?

We are proud to embrace a collaborative business model – bringing the best independent contractors we can find to the table to participate in radical collaboration.  These unique individuals carry a deep entrepreneurial spirit yet are true collaborators at heart driven by a purpose to make organizations better. They are abundance-minded and bring enthusiasm and positivity to our clients.

How do you decide which collaborator works on my project?

If you know our collaborators and have a preference, that rules!  If not, a small group of us will talk with you to assess your needs and will prepare a plan to get you the best bang for your investment, to include picking the collaborators best suited to your challenges.

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