Is Your



To THRIVE you need…

Talent in the Right Seats
High Performing Culture
Road Map for Future
Innovation and Adaptability
Value Creation
Execution Excellence


verb \ ˈthrīv   \


1to grow vigorously FLOURISH

2to gain in wealth or possessions PROSPER



AND… you need to avoid these 5 common forms of erosion…

Is your organization thriving?

Building better futures through thriving organizations

Our Organizational Design Services to Support Thriving

Team Building

A high performing team is your greatest advantage to achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage.  Let us help you prepare them for the challenges to come!

Leadership Development

Coaching and mentoring your existing and future leaders. We can help them understand themselves and the role of leadership better.


Your culture delivers your results.  Does yours deliver what is needed? Let us help you define and learn to strategically adapt your culture.

Market Relevance

You exist to serve your customers and market. Are you relevant? How long will you be? What opportunities exist to improve the value you offer? Explore that with us…

Strategic Road Maps

Plan your journey to a better future here with a process adapted to fit your needs – no one-size-fits-all oversized corporate planning processes.

The Core Village Team

Paula Asmus

Sonya Hall

Lisa Nack

Casey Jones

Imagine your organization thriving; operating at it’s full potential.

Picture days with less friction, chaos, confusion and conflict.  It is possible and we can help.

Helping at every stage of your organization's lifecycle...

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